PPC vs Natural Search – Get the facts.

FACT:  More than 80% of Internet users search engines like Google, Yahoo! & MSN to find products and services.

As a search engine optimization specialist, it’s my job to continually stay atop
the ever-changing ways in which search engines drive traffic to websites; how
they collect data and use it to rank websites. It’s my job to untangle
these carefully guarded secrets and implement best practices to help websites like yours achieve top rankings. As a business person, you simply don’t have
the time or the energy to learn all the SEO techniques—and let’s face it, why would you? I mean, when you get sick you go to the doctor, you don’t start studying medical journals. When you want to take a vacation, you call the travel agent. And when you want to get higher rankings in the major search engines, you should call your search engine optimization specialist.

FACT:  PPC (pay per click) advertising costs are up 37% from last year’s first quarter.

FACT:  Natural (organic) search results convert as much as 30% higher than PPC.

Ignoring Organic Search is Costing You Money
The stats don’t lie, and the simple fact of the matter is that natural search engine results are driving most of the traffic to websites on the Internet. I think of search engine optimization like diets. There are always tons of fad diets on the market, and someone is always shouting through your TV to try the latest and greatest trick that’s “guaranteed to get results.” The same holds true for search results—someone is always claiming to have found the magical answer to guarantee outstanding results like never before.

Now, don’t get me wrong, some quick solutions can get you quick results – temporarily. What you should be striving toward, however, is continuous high rankings on major search engines long term. Stop jumping from one fad to
the next, stop wasting money, time and energy chasing search engine rabbits—you’ll just fall down the hole.

Keep Search Simple
When someone pops on to Google in search of a product or service (your product or service),
they type in a keyphrase and hope to find exactly what they’re looking for. The average person has no clue how the Internet functions—all they know is that when you type in a word or phrase and hit enter, a list of information magically appears. Your goal is to put your website at the top of that list, convince
them to click through to your website then convert them into a paying customer. Three simple steps.

The key to a healthy diet is to look at the overall lifelong goal. You want to eat a balanced diet, keep the junk in moderation & get some exercise … pretty simple stuff. You might not drop 10 pounds this week, but you’ll be healthier for it in
the greater scope of life.

The same is true with SEO. The Internet can be an overwhelming environment, jam-packed with useful information, not-so-useful information, fun stuff, icky stuff, and everything in between. It’s human nature to want what we want when we want it. And we prefer to have it delivered in a nice, neat, easy to use format. That’s why natural search results continue to convert. No tricks, no jargon, just simple search results.


10 Responses to PPC vs Natural Search – Get the facts.

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